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Thermal Ring technology
Server motor cooling
IGBT cooling
Customized thermal calculator
Air to air heat exchanger

Thermal Ring technology

Case stories-Thermal ring

•2 phase flow cooling technology
•Capable for outdoor use
•Developed to enhance Aluminum heat sink performance
•Power ranges typically 300-2000W
•Handles multiple heat inputs
•Downstream hot spots temperature is reduced significantly.
•Electronics reliability is improved with less fan power


Server motor cooling

Case stories-MTS

•Customized air cooling solution for high performance servo motor system
•+20~30% fin area optimized for forced convection.
•Customized fin shape for better air circulation.


IGBT cooling

Case stories-IGBT

•Self sustaining high power heat transfer loop for IGBT cooling supporting +1000W
•Input power from 909 to 1710Watt, No dry out phenomena was found during extra high power tests.
•Light weight solution,  2.3kg  (2.5 Kg saved )
•Expected 5°C improvement in cooling capacity compared to current solution.
•Production technology is proven through many years in the automotive industry
•Green and recyclable solution friendly to the environment


Customized thermal calculator


•Customized thermal performance calculator for outdoor enclosures
•Air temperature, direct sunlight & dew point are in consideration
•Ventilation plug calculator and filter fan parameter are optional


Air to air heat exchanger

Case stories-air to air heat exchanger-D

•We offer the best in class patented high performance energy saving air2air heat exchangers for sealed enclosures
•The key benefits from CH technology:
      High performance
      Compact units
      Low noise
      High IP ingress protection from IP55-IP66
      Competitive pricing


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