Loop thermosyphon for high power IGBT cooling

Power electronic systems have been widely adapted in industrial applications for converting electrical energy. The insulates gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) with advantages to development of high voltage and current, has been applied more and more. However the increasing of power density lead to increased temperature levels, result in higher stress issue to impact the product lifetime, therefore comprehensive thermal management and thermal solution is highly required.
For most of the cases Aluminum heat sinks or stacked fins solution is recommended for enough performance with acceptable cost; for very high power application(thermal power >900W ) we offer high power phase changing solutions (heat pipes, loop thermosyphons or  heat spreaders) to cool the power electronics.


  • Extremely high thermal power within a limited space
  • 200~2,000 watts of dynamic heat flux from IGBT
  • Light weight and robust
  • Superior active cooling performance to handle high power density


  • Loop thermosypons or heat pipes cooler for extremely high power density
  • Super effective fin and condenser design to maximize heat exchange rate
  • Optimized performance to minimize needed air flow rate to reduce fans power consumption


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