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Servers and workstations

Posted by heo3480 on March 03, 2014  /   Posted in Business

More and more servers and workstations are often limited by the enormous amount of heat they produce. We use our technologies to cool the chips far more efficiently than traditional heatsinks. Improved cooling performance enables higher power densities in your datacenter, and allows for significant energy savings. Our thermal solutions use no energy (no mechanical pumps) and enable up to 5% reduced power consumption per server!

Power Electronics

Posted by heo3480 on March 03, 2014  /   Posted in Business

IGBT’s and MOSFETS are typically cooled by large heavy extruded heatsinks. Our loop thermosyphon and heat pipe designs both adds improved cooling performance IGBT’s. In turn that enables you to keep your power eletronics in control, saves energy and allows designers to design more compact units. We also apply our technolgies and design for servo motor drives.


Posted by heo3480 on March 03, 2014  /   Posted in Business

We offer thermal solutions for outdoor telecom equipment, base station and remote radio heads. Our technologies allow us to design cooling solutions which will require zero maintenance during the lifetime of the application. The cooling technologies we apply for telecom applications are suitable for operation in tough environments, from -40 to 50℃. Telecom infrastructure equipment is getting more and more powerful, and this is where our advanced high performance technologies add superior value.


    Founded in August 2010, Cooling House is an established Asia-based design and manufacturing company for innovative thermal solutions and is headquartered in Taipei. Cooling House holds patents for several cooling technologies and product concepts.

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